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SKU: IMP_Signature_Sauce

IMP's Signature sauce is made from Carolina Reaper and Red Lava Apocalypse peppers. We have added a twist to this complex newest addition, Szechuan peppercorns! These peppercorns give a brief numbing effect, allowing for the user to admire the full body of Signature to be enjoyed. Ginger and Garlic notes are accompanied by the sweet taste of Brown sugar and lime. Cloves and Cinnamon follow this medley, capped off by the floral taste of Ghost peppers. Now the ride begins! Boasting a 2++ Million Scoville Units (between 2.4 and 2.8 million SHU), our blend of Carolina Reaper and Red Lava Apocalypse peppers take flight. This encounter will be EPIC! Tongue tingling, ear popping, chest burning, and a whole-body sweat is to be expected. Sweet, Savory, and HOT (warning: use caution-designed delayed burning sensation). Added bonuses: Anti-inflammatory properties, Boost immunity, Protect heart health, Boost Blood Flow, and Helps the Body to Digest.

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